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Modelling types and niches

It is important to know and understand different modelling genres, people have a limited view of what a model does, to them they ramp walk in exotic cities wearing fashionable trendy outfits.

Though this is true for many models but generally speaking many models can find in these particular fields:

Fashion catalogue: Models find regular work in advertising and print media, the physical height and weight are not that narrow compared to runway models. The idea is to promote and sell a particular product, the rates are high in this field depending on the product and the length of usage. Plus size: the demand for plus size models is growing, no it's not about skinny women, if your measurements fall in the plus size category, this can be a very successful job opportunity. Plus – sized models are well proportioned.

Promotional: In one word this can be described as live marketing. The criteria is very simple an attractive young girl with outgoing personality. The physical requirements are minor compared to other genres as the company is looking for attractive clients who will help sell their brand. Commercial: there are many different jobs that fall in the commercial section like print, television advertisement also television shows, and there are no height or size requirements in commercial modelling although models are between 5'6" to 6' range.

Glamour: Glamour modelling focuses on the model's appeal, beauty more than any type of modelling market. There are no size and height requirements but the age requirement is 18 years.

Fitness: These type of models require extreme physical fitness, this type of modelling doesn't have size requirements but the models MUST be in shape.

Art model: Art models work with visual artist, they are the subject for art pieces, models are required to pose for several amounts of time while the artist renders a representation of them. Art modelling include illustrations, sculptures, photography and painting, there are size or height requirements. Editorial, print and runaway: editorial and runaway modelling can be considered the most prestigious modelling types, they also have strict height and weight requirements between 5'8" to 6' and 90-120lbs. these models are featured in fashion magazines do ramp walk, the word supermodel fall in this category.