Catalog / Website Shoot

In these few years, there has been a flood of e-commerce portals and a trend to do shopping online has taken the front seat. People in metropolitan cities have such a hectic life that they are now shifting to online shopping for most of their needs. This gives them time to relax and enjoy their weekly holiday with their loved ones. This increase in online retail websites have forced many manufacturers to get their products photographed and put it on these websites for sale.

Depending on the usage of pictures, catalog photography is done in two ways.
- With creative lighting and location/sets as backgrounds suitable for printing catalogs, posters etc.
- With solid white or different backgrounds (edited in photoshop) for website use.

Charges for catalog / website photography starts from Rs.25000/- per day or Rs.650/- per product with 3 pictures per product/item/dress with minimum 50 items per lot. The charges include basic editing. For customised editing additional charges apply. Model fees, makeup, hairstyling etc. charges are additional. In case of catalog shoots location charges, transportation, set creation, production etc. would be additional depending on the requirement. For further details please call 8013173690.