How to Become a Model:

How to become a model- They are everywhere from billboards, print media to television and also gracing the cover of your favourite glossies, they wear stunning gowns, ethnic clothes and clothes you desperately want to wear. Models are everywhere and they creatively and effectively sell products, promote ideas, and inspire us to live a more creative life.

Unfortunately people have this absurd idea that modelling is a bad and frivolous career, they think it's all too easy despite what they show in movies and reality television, becoming a model isn't about good looks or the fact that you are tall, but it takes determination, guts, right kind of attitude and a driven personality. The work can be uncertain and, at times feel unstable.

Models have to work long hours to create that perfect portfolio, making connections with people, and creating a brand around themselves, if you want to survive and thrive in this environment,One must be business savvy and professional.There are certain naysayers that will complain this is a harsh career, every career has its own set of harshness and reward, if you are serious about pursuing modelling and work with unprecedented enthusiasm, and you can reap the rewards of a surprisingly joyful and exciting life.

Let's set aside a time for reflection

Before you spend too much money on superficial decisions, it is imperative that you make an acute reflection of yourself, what are your talents? Best industry fits and long term goals, remember: you probably aren't going to make a lot of money at the start of your career.  It is important to conserve your energy and save your money for projects that have a high career value and that will propel you into solid job opportunities.

Being honest with yourself (ask yourself)

What are my best physical features?

What are my best personality traits?

Do I lead a healthy lifestyle?

What is my confidence level?

What do I know about pursuing a modelling career?

How much time I am willing to spend on this career?

These questions are a good starting point for your inner and outer reflection, new questions may arise, it is important to stay organized and true to yourself.

SHORT TERM GOALS: Getting a decent photographer and making your portfolio.

LONG TERM GOALS: As you do your work you must have a set of long term goals, it is important to have a balance between your real life expectations and overall dreams.

Building your portfolio:Your portfolio is your identity card, every model needs a portfolio, and it is your calling card check our portfolio section for further details.

Basic building blocks: The type of modelling you want to pursue should dictate in your portfolio, there are no specific rules what type of photos you should include in your portfolio, it is advised to have fewer photos of higher quality, if you are planning to upload in our do keep a few extras.

Portfolio hosting site: That's where we come in, it is an inexpensive method to get your name out in the modelling industry, and one of the nice advantages of a portfolio site is that there is no contractual obligation or commission like with modelling agencies.

Modelling portfolio sites offer you the opportunity to learn from and actively network with people in the industry including photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists, and agencies. The knowledge you can gather through other professional's experiences and expertise is invaluable and can help shape and tailor your look and career.

Like with your printed portfolio, your online modelling portfolio should contain a collection of photos that reflect your target market and that create an air of professionalism. Your profile should be complete and organized. Also, make sure not to only upload your best images and leave out your worst. Do not upload any self-taken images of yourself in the mirror or where your arm is stretched out with the camera pointed back at you. Unless you have a really good camera on your phone, it is best to avoid taking any images with a cell phone. Images taken by a cell phone are generally very low in quality.

Having an online portfolio is great way to constantly promote yourself, and we are in the age of digitization so get your modelling career started by Registering Here

Finding the right agency: It is possible to have a successful career through job offers and casting calls offered through portfolio hosting sites, we will ensure that you get the right exposure but if you want to take it to the next level modelling agency is the correct path. Once you get a perfect portfolio you are ready.

Contacting Etiquette: Agencies will post their requirements online or in their literature. Read it carefully. If you waste their time, they will not be happy and it will create a bad impression. They may ask you for a resume or a cover letter. Be prepared and be professional. Return calls promptly and set out to make a good impression.

Preparing for Your First Gig

After months of hard work and millions of phone calls, you might be lucky enough to book your first gig! This is the moment you have been waiting for! Your first job will be memorable and it is important to prepare.The short list:

  • Keep your skin hydrated and away from sun exposure.
  • Dress to impress, but not overdone. Make sure that you are looking clean, healthy, and professional.
  • Pack a bag with water and any requested accessories.
  • Have essential phone numbers on hand and cash for fare or other important purchases.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol the night before.
  • Get a good night sleep the night before.

Be professional and kind. Photo shoots can be stressful for everyone. Listen to directions and focus on having positive and energetic interactions with everyone you meet. Most importantly: be yourself. You have worked hard to get to where you now stand. They picked you because you offer a unique set of skills and talent. Let it shine and don't forget to enjoy yourself.

In your life, you will come across all sorts of naysayers. People will tell you that there is nothing to being a model besides sitting around and looking pretty. The bottom line is that models have to work really hard to make their dreams a reality. They represent products we love, inspire us with stunning smiles, and are extremely business savvy. With a lot of work, talent, and great genes, you can be on your way to a fulfilling your dream of becoming a model. Best of luck to you.