How to Become a Male Model:

With the huge influx of reality shows and stage shows, the demand for male models have gone high, now men can think about modelling as long term career option as well as a fun part-time job for quick cash.

Now you might think it's hard to get into the fashion industry, but truth be told it is very easy you just need the right amount of exposure, and getting your face and name out there.

There is an increasing number of opportunities for male models, and a career path in modelling is definitely a very realistic possibility if you're willing to put in the time and effort.

Just like any cutthroat industry it requires hard work, focus and countless rejections, from the very start you have to understand you are nobody and you won't be paid what you expected but given the time you survive and work your way through then who knows you can earn a 6 figure pay check. There is an advantage to male modelling, males usually enjoy a longer stint in the modelling business. The average age for male models is 18-29, since male brands want to attract mature customer, in fact models in their forties are still in their own respective career peak example milindsoman. Aside from this, male models usually don't have to adhere to the same stringent requirements as females. Depending on the type of job, there's a bit of leeway for men when it comes to weight and vital statistics.

If you are just fresh from the block there are few requirements you must keep in mind,the average height for a typical male model is from 5'11 to 6'2, weight usually ranges from 140 - 165 pounds, although these can go up or down depending on the type of modelling you want to specialize in. Clear smooth skin is usually non-negotiable, after all there is only so much that airbrushing can do.

Here are few tips to improve your perspective about male modelling.

1. Modelling agency should you or shouldn't you - Let's think about one thing, if you are planning to cement your name in the modelling industry you must get in contact with an agency, but the agent will have a huge chunk of your earning. They have insider connections and they can pull strings to get you in casting calls that weren't even advertised. However, exercise a degree of caution, beware of agents who ask for upfront payments for representation. Remember, agents only collect money when they've successfully booked you for a job. If they're asking for any fees in advance, just walk away. That's why we here at model guru take up that duty we don't ask for your money just upload your best shots and leave the rest to us.

2. Don't hand in that resignation letter just yet - Modelling is a lucrative career but it's also the most unstable career. Keep your day job as an option A, when you start earning well in your modelling job then you can easily quit your option A, but be advised only do this when you have sufficient cash to support your lifestyle.

3. Always remain professional - There will come a time when it will be the booking agencies and designers who would call you to be part of their shows, but remember never to get cocky. You might be a big-shot now, but models with attitude are easily replaced. Always remember to show up on time, be courteous to everyone, including the production staff, and don't ever think to show up reeking from last night's debaucheries. While it's great if you're the it model of the moment, remember it's the models that the creative team enjoys working with that would get rebooked often.

4. Part of remaining professional is also to maintain your physique - Remember, when you are hired to model, there is a certain physical expectation for you to meet. Don't pig out to celebrate nabbing a job, you have to maintain the discipline to eat well and exercise regularly to be able to book a steady stream of jobs. Now that you've got the basics down pat, it's time to learn about how to accelerate a fledgling career. One way to ensure a long-term career is to specialize in one kind of modelling, before tackling all mediums. The logic behind this, is that it's better if you become top of mind for a specific niche before dabbling in all forms of modelling and becoming mediocre. There are different types of modelling jobs, and once you've established a name, it's pretty easy to cut across different niches. But the best way to ingrain yourself into the public's consciousness is to focus and excel in one type of modelling first, and think of crossing over as a second phase to your career. Here's a quick rundown of modelling jobs that you can consider specializing in.